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Active & healthy, laugh line by laugh line.

Can you still remember the moment when you discovered your first wrinkles or grey hair?

ight: We all get older. It happens by itself, we don't have to do anything. And everyone who has dealt intensively with this perspective and their very personal situation has surely asked these or other questions: Will I be sick and frail in old age? How and where will I live? Will I still be able to do my favorite things? May I even become forgetful and need support? How can I live independently for as long as possible? Or will I even be lonely and alone?

uestions after questions, which we at Hacienda Verde certainly cannot give all the answers to. Well, to be true: we don't really want to give any answers to that either. Simply because each of us has their own thoughts about getting older.

hat we can do: As a team of editors, nutritionists and fitness trainers, we have dealt extensively with the topic of "getting older". We have come to the conclusion that each of us decides whether we want to spend our later years in the waiting rooms of doctor's offices – or whether we prefer to grow older active & healthy, laugh line by laugh line. Each of us can influence this ourselves and lay a solid foundation for balanced health and physical fitness even in old age.

And because we here in the editorial office are all in the same section of life as you, dear reader, we know what counts for you. We don't want to overwhelm with information, but go a different way: On our pages you will find brief articles on important topics relating to old age plus small and fine tips that should make your everyday life a little easier. Because everyone will look different and raise different questions. For example: What can I do specifically when the first ailments come? Can I protect myself from diseases and if so, how? What should my diet look like if I want to do justice to my living situation and stay healthy? How can I stay socially active and protect myself from being alone? How can I bring more activity and movement into my life step by step? And what are the most successful ways to keep me self-employed?

ou will also find an extraordinary shop here at Hacienda Verde. Instead of offering hundreds of products, we have set up a small, well-stocked online boutique for you. Restricted to the essentials, here we want to slow down the affluent society around us a little. You can discover products well researched by our team that fit the lifestyle of our advanced age. It is our older members of the editorial team who test articles again and again and are happy to make these recommendations for you.

We see aging positively and want you to stay active & healthy, laugh line by laugh line!

Kind regards,

Peter Steinert
Managing Director