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Arthritis Gloves, fingerless, 1 pair

Product number: AG01

Positive pressure on your pain.

Weight: 50 g
Ready for shipping

Some gloves keep your hands warm. And then there are the compression gloves, which do even more. They put a warm pressure on your hand – and can help relieve arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, stiff or aching muscles, tendons and joints.

The compression therapy delivered by these gloves has a multitude of effects. Firstly, the soft material nestles up and exerts pressure on tender points. Muscles, tendons and joints relax under their soothing warmth.

Your special benefit: These compression gloves are infused with real copper. Advocated by the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine the anti-inflammatory properties of copper can reduce the pain that comes with arthritis. Plus: Copper is believed to emanate positive healing energies within the body.

And why are they fingerless? Quite simply, so that you can use these gloves to combat pain in your everyday life and still grip everything normally. The intelligent design with reduced seams ensures high comfort all day long without that 'glove feeling'. You can even use your mobile phone as usual. Or play piano if you like.

Material: Polyester. Washable. Colour: Black. Size: one size fits all.

15,13 € * 10 piece | 1,51 €/piece
36,46 € * Weight 54 g