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'Allways within Reach' Hanging Bag

Product number: HB01

The elegant storage to catch your lie-arounds.

Weight: 280 g
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You're sitting on the sofa, but your favourite puzzle book and pen are on the dining table. The newspaper is far away in the kitchen, your hand cream is out of reach, and where on Earth is the remote control?

I'm sure we’ve all wished for easy and convenient storage space permanently within grasp. And, when we got our hands on this bag, we thought to ourselves, ''Finally!''

This elegant hanging bag blends neutrally into your home and is a first-class organisational talent. Hang it on the sofa, over a chair or on your bed head for portable storage space that’s always on hand.

It features one large and two small compartments for storing everything that would otherwise lie around your house. There’s even a designated pocket for your mobile phone with an opening for a charging cable or headphones. Brilliant!

Material: Polyester. Colour: Grey. Dimensions: 28x31x4 cm.