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'Nap Sponge' 2-in-1 Washing Gloves, 1 pair

Product number: WG01

Versatile household helper that protects your skin.

Weight: 192 g
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Rubber gloves are great for protecting your skin while cleaning the stove, bathtub or washing the car. But sometimes when you try to grab a sponge or brush with your slippery, rubber-clad fingers, accidents can happen.

Some of our colleagues took these heat-resistant (-40 to +230 degrees), double-function gloves home with them – and never gave them back!

Why? They deliver antibacterial, environmentally-friendly skin protection combined with a sponge effect that lets you clean, scrub, wipe and wash safely without having to fiddle with thick, rubber gloves. They’re even the perfect tool for washing your dog and giving him a soft, smooth and clean coat.

Once your cleaning is complete, put them in the dishwasher to be cleaned. Too easy!

Material: Silicone. BPA-free. Colour: Green. Dimensions: 15x32 cm. Weight: 192 g.