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'Silverstone' Ice Cubes , 4 pieces

Product number: ICR01

Cool drinks without that watering down effect.

Weight: 150 g
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An iced coffee on a hot summer day or a refreshing drink in the evening – ice cubes are always a good idea to keep liquids nicely cold.

But: Normal ice cubes melt quickly in the heat, the taste of the drink is diluted. And just the effort to get the ice chunks from the plastic bowl into the glass. We all know it: Often you press around on the ice container desperately, and then the slippery cubes fly through the kitchen, land on the floor or anywhere else where they don't belong.

This has now come to an end: With the "Silverstone" Ice Cubes the joy of a cold drink is unclouded. Because these shiny cubes made of stainless precious metal are a closed cooling system. The cubes are stored in the freezer in their box in a space-saving and clean way – and can then be easily removed with no drama to be dipped into the desired drink.

Additional plus: You also save water!

No more flying ice cubes, no more watered down drinks, environmentally friendly – take advantage of the future of cold refreshments now with the reusable "Silverstones". Each box contains 4 pieces.

Material: cube made of stainless steel, box made of plastic. Dimensions: 100x100x50 mm, weight: 150g