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'Special' Can Opener

Product number: SCO01

Cuts smooth edges and even makes cans resealable.

Weight: 200 g
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Remember how risky traditional can openers were? Slicing your hand on those super sharp edges was always a worry. Now, this clever 21st-century device makes opening cans simple.

Our "Special" can opener effortlessly cuts into the body of the can with an extra-sharp blade while its soft, non-slip handle fits your hand well. The result? Perfectly smooth edges that make hurting yourself 'and your fingers!' virtually impossible.

Another bonus? Thanks to the 'Special’s' smooth cut, it’s even possible to close the can again using the removed lid.

Material: Stainless steel with carbon alloy, plastic handle TPR. Colour: Black/Silver. Dimensions: 22.5x4 cm. Weight: 142g.