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'Vitamin Protector' for Steam Cooking, foldable

Product number: SBF01

Get the steamcooking-secret for your healthy cooking.

Weight: 400 g
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Asians have known for centuries that steaming is one of the healthiest ways to prepare your food because it preserves minerals and vitamins, aroma and taste. But the West is still playing catch up on this cooking secret.

This foldable steam cooking insert lets you find out for yourself, gently cooking vegetables and meat to perfection. With a diameter of more than 28 cm, it stands securely on retractable feet and is easy to lift out thanks to the large handle. And because it’s super simple to clean, you can quickly expand your culinary portfolio to include a range of healthy Asian dishes.

Material: Stainless steel/Plastic. Colour: Green/Silver. Diameter: 23 cm closed, 27.5 cm open.